IST Senior Nuclear Risk Reduction Associate

IST is looking for an Associate to support our Tangible Existential Risk Reduction (TERR) portfolio.


Want to help contain the risks posed by the intersection of nuclear weapons and emerging technologies? Care deeply about tech and existential risk? Do you want to dive into technical cutting-edge nuclear risk reduction solutions? And are you more broadly interested in the nexus of machine learning and national security?

The Institute for Security and Technology is looking for a Senior Nuclear Risk Reduction Associate to support our Tangible Existential Risk Reduction (TERR) portfolio with project management, creative initiative, writing, and research at the intersection of technology and nuclear risk reduction issues.

Work Description

IST has a diverse existential risk reduction portfolio that prioritizes creating actionable solutions and working with technical practitioners to inform our work. Our goal as a nonprofit is to bridge the gap between technical experts and government agencies to improve collaboration and progress in the nuclear community nationwide. We are looking for a Senior Nuclear Risk Reduction Associate who is comfortable talking to both those in the AI safety and alignment, network security, nuclear policy, and international diplomacy communities In addition, we value the ability to engage with technology topics on a granular level, as well as communicate and write for a policy audience. 

This position will also be involved in continuing efforts across our nuclear strategic stability projects as well as our CATALINK crisis communications initiative. IST also works across the technology spectrum, with initiatives spanning the effectrives of ML integration into NC3 architectures, cybersecurity, and other emerging technologies affecting nuclear weapons, with the opportunity for growth into numerous other associated issue areas.

This is a 100% remote position as part of a very dynamic, growing, energetic team, though residence in the San Francisco Bay Area is preferred for the most immediate and best access to cutting edge technologists and researchers.



  • 3-6 years working in politics, government, or industry working on technology or technology policy
  • Ability to lead multiple large projects in tandem and ensure product delivery
  • Ability to communicate technical topics to a non-technical audience
  • Strong writing and communication skills


  • General knowledge of emerging technology trends like cybersecurity, ML/AI techniques, democracy, human rights and security, or digital vulnerabilities
  • Strong publication history
  • Experience in national security and foreign affairs
  • Desire to contribute to a dynamic team focused on cyber and national security policymaking

Working at IST

The Institute for Security and Technology designs and advances solutions to the world’s toughest emerging security threats. We are a nonpartisan, nonprofit network based in the San Francisco Bay Area dedicated to solving critical international security challenges through better technology and policy. For more information, visit 

We are a close-knit team with an excellent remote workflow, and take pride in providing our employees with reliable mentorship. We work with interns to advance their professional development by providing access to our network in an intern’s field of interest, and support opportunities for professional exposure. We look forward to your application.

How to Apply

Email [email protected] with Senior Nuclear Risk Reduction Associate as the subject line. The body of your email must include mention of your go-to podcasts/books/twitter handles etc. that you utilize to broaden your knowledge of the topic as well as mention of how this position at IST would compliment your professional trajectory. In addition, please include your resume/CV as a PDF attachment.