Countering Strategic and Nuclear Risks

Integrating novel technical expertise into the nuclear community to increase global nuclear stability and assess emerging risks.

The prospect of nuclear war continues to threaten the existence of humanity and the long-term viability of our societies. Today’s evolving security landscape begs novel approaches to both new and long-standing challenges. 

Rapid adaptation of immensely powerful technology-driven techniques and platforms by governments and militaries reveals not only the need for novel discussion to be engendered around nuclear risk reduction and emerging technologies, but also the need to cultivate an entirely new global technical and policy community to devise the necessary frameworks to reduce catastrophic risks and prevent the outbreak of nuclear war. 

Our initiatives focus on creating venues and work streams where current nuclear experts and decision-makers can step out of their existing domains and place themselves side-by-side with deep technical experts in otherwise disparate practice areas. Our initiatives focus on creating novel approaches to nuclear crisis control, rethinking nuclear deterrence, and assessing the impacts of emerging and disruptive technologies on nuclear strategy and policy.

IST Initiatives


Preventing the onset or escalation of conflict by building a resilient global communications system.

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