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IST's Inaugural Conference (5/25/21)

StratTech examined novel, radical, and strategic approaches to the wicked problems facing the diagonals through which security and technology intersect. IST is committed to being a convener, bringing together government, industry, and civil society leaders and practitioners to better understand and advance solutions to the world’s toughest security challenges.

Keynote: Bridging the “Valley of Death”


Ms. Michèle Flournoy, Partner and Co-Founder of West-Exec Partners
Philip Reiner, CEO, Institute for Security and Technology (IST)

Lightning Talks: Game-Changing Proposals for the Internet


Pamela Clegg, Ciphertrace on the Cryptocurrency Economy
Dustin Moody, NIST on Post-Quantum Cryptographic Standards
Job Snijders, Fastly on BGP Routing Security

Panel Discussion: Future of Public-Private Operational Collaboration 1010-1110 PT


Megan Stifel, Global Cyber Alliance
Mari Galloway, Cyberjutsu
Ginny Badanes, Microsoft
Jen Miller-Osborn, Palo Alto Networks
Jaya Baloo, Avast Software

Presentation From Our Sponsor Zignal Labs


Michael Clayman, Zignal Labs

Presentation on the Ransomware Task Force (RTF) 


Sarah Powazek, Institute for Security and Technology (IST)

Panel Discussion: Through the Warfare Looking Glass


Lauren Zabierak, Cyber Project, Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center
Army Lt. Gen. Charles T. Cleveland (Ret.), Former Commander of U.S. Army Special Operations Command
Dr. Yuna Wong, Institute for Defense Analysis
Renée DiResta, Stanford Internet Observatory
Doowan Lee, Institute for Security and Technology

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Zignal Labs

Zignal’s Narrative Intelligence Cloud analyzes billions of digital stories in real time to help customers discover and manage the narratives that can help or harm them. Used by the world’s largest companies and public sector organizations, Zignal’s natural language processing and machine learning algorithms identify risks and opportunities as they emerge, and provide insight into how to shape the narratives that matter most.

About IST

The Institute for Security and Technology designs and advances solutions to the world’s toughest emerging security threats. We are a nonpartisan, nonprofit network based in the San Francisco Bay Area dedicated to advancing solutions to critical national security challenges.