Future Digital Security Leaders Fellowship

Providing real-world opportunities for the next generation of national security and technology leaders coming from diverse backgrounds

APPLICATIONS HAVE CLOSED. Visit our Careers page to find more information on other IST opportunities.

About The Fellowship

The Future Digital Security Leaders Fellowship program provides real-world opportunities and on-the-job training. The work at IST focuses on outpacing emerging security threats, including cybersecurity, information warfare, threats to democracy, nuclear weapons, and human security. As part of building the next generation of leaders, our Future Digital Security Leaders Fellowship program invests in a diverse pool of practitioners, helping them become uniquely qualified experts in this field. Our objective is to give access, research, networking, and program management skills, and hands-on experience. The duration of the fellowship is one year. 

Our Goals

Remember that first job you applied for – but you were told you didn’t have enough experience? In fact, those first 20 jobs you applied for? How much more challenging is that application process for young aspiring professionals from diverse backgrounds? As current and/or recently graduated undergraduates and graduate students contemplate their career paths in the face of an economic crisis, a global pandemic,  socio-economic gaps, persistent institutional racism, and inequity in the technology and security policy fields, it is abundantly clear we have a responsibility to help fill the experience gap for motivated aspiring experts. We operate on the conviction that diversity leads to better policy, innovation, and technology, which affects all members of our global society. 

Our Partner

The Institute for Security and Technology offers the Future Digital Security Leaders Fellowship, funded through a generous grant from Craig Newmark Philanthropies.