Shadowserver Designated Fund

Facilitating efforts to make the internet safer and more resilient for everyone.

The Institute for Security and Technology prides itself in facilitating efforts to make the internet safer, and more resilient. One aspect of this role is providing flexibility to jump in when novel problems present themselves – which we were happy to do for the team at The Shadowserver Foundation in early 2020. 

Shadowserver provides public goods that most people will never hear about – nor should they need to. Shadowserver provides services that simply take problems off the table so the rest of us can get on with our daily business. Most of you have never heard of them – and those who have, usually don’t really know how much they do behind the scenes. In truth, they are simply one of the world’s leading – and largely free – resources for Internet security reporting and malicious activity investigation. This benefits us all.

As they transitioned in 2020 to a new organizational model, the IST was able to put in place a Designated Fund to help ensure funds continued to flow to Shadowserver during a challenging financial time. This is yet another example of the hands-on collaborative approach we take to ensuring the security of the global commons. Visit the Shadowserver Foundation if you are interested in learning more about contributing to the foundation’s efforts, and let IST know if you find yourself in need of similar assistance. We’re here to help.