Andrew Facini

Director of Communications

Andrew Facini is the Director of Communications for the Institute for Security and Technology. He specializes in crafting broad communications and outreach strategies for the Institute, as well as publishing and promoting the various original outputs from its members and collaborators.

Prior to joining IST, Andrew served as Publishing Manager at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, where he ran the Center’s publishing and editorial operations. While at the Belfer Center, he focused on maximizing the impact of its diverse academic products, often merging editorial efforts with original design and innovative outreach strategy.

Andrew earned his bachelor’s in international relations from Boston University in 2010. and his master’s in international relations from Harvard Extension School in 2018. While at BU, he served as the founding editor-in-chief of The International Relations Review, an academic publication of news and analysis that has grown to become BU’s premier undergraduate journal. His master’s thesis, “Restraint by Design: The Ideological Origins of ‘Minimum Deterrence’ in China’s Nuclear Weapons Program” explores a unique dimension of Mao Zedong’s ideology and the long-lasting normative influence those beliefs had on China’s future policy choices.

He is active in the field of nuclear weapons education and advocacy, serving as teaching assistant for various graduate classes in Harvard’s nuclear deterrence program and giving frequent lectures on technology, history, and cultural issues. He has been published on nuclear issues in popular news outlets and has spoken on BBC World Service. He is a former fellow in the N Square Innovators Network, and an active member of its Advisory Forum.