Leah Walker

Senior Defense Associate

Leah Walker is a Defense Technology Associate at the Institute for Security and Technology. Her portfolio includes research on defense systems such as nuclear weapons, NC3, submarine and UUV technology, as well as research into strategic economic influence, most notably Chinese influence in novel technology sectors. As part of the CATALINK project team seeking to build a 21st-century crisis communication system, Leah researches nuclear crisis control and studies nuclear hotlines and their vulnerabilities. She is also working on a compendium to understand the intersection of complex system accidents and emerging technology in the 21st century. She has published on Russia’s nuclear-powered cruise missile, Burevestnik, and the need for increased nuclear crisis communications. 

Leah is part of the Fall 2021 NPEC Nuclear Policy Course Fellowship and is a contractor for NPEC looking at the evolution of nuclear targeting. Leah was previously a Future Digital Security Leader Fellow at IST.

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Targeting Communications and Escalation

Peter Reiner, Alexa Wehsener and Leah Walker with Paul Bracken