Marc Rogers

Adjunct Senior Technical Advisor

Marc Rogers is Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer for the AI observability startup With a career that spans decades, Marc has been hacking since the 80’s. Professionally Marc has served as VP of Cybersecurity Strategy for Okta, Head of Security for Cloudflare and Principal Security researcher for Lookout. He’s been a CISO in South Korea and spent a decade managing security for the UK operator, Vodafone. In 2012, Marc co-founded the disruptive Bay Area security startup “Vectra”. In his role as technical advisor on USA’s “Mr. Robot” and BBC’s “The Real Hustle” he helped create on-screen hacks for both shows.

Marc’s core expertise is as a security researcher and whitehat hacker. He uses this expertise to investigate and break things in order to uncover security issues. Issues that he then communicates back to industry in a responsible way so they can be fixed. Notable examples of his research include his hacks of Apple’s TouchID, Google’s Glass and automotive hacks such as that of the Tesla Model S.

Marc also uses this expertise in his roles as a Senior Technical advisor for IST, a member of the Ransomware Taskforce, and co-founder of the CTI League, an award winning, multinational cybersecurity initiative that combines security industry professionals, government agencies and law enforcement from 80 different countries. For his work in the CTI League Marc was nominated as one of Wired Magazine’s people making things better in 2020.

Last, Marc’s an organizer and the Head of Security for the world’s largest hacking conference, DEF CON, where most people just know him as CJ.

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