Tiffany Saade

Adjunct Cyber and Artificial Intelligence Policy Fellow

Tiffany Saade is an Adjunct Cyber and Artificial Intelligence Policy Fellow at the Institute for Security and Technology (IST). Tiffany is a Masters Candidate in the Stanford Ford Dorsey Program in International Policy, specializing in Cyber Policy and Security. Her interest and work sits at the nexus of cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and policy making. Tiffany co-leads the “Trusted Elections Analysis” Working Group housed at the Harvard Belfer Center, with the primary goal of expanding the demand for election-related information quality in an age of AI-enhanced information poisoning campaigns.

Most recently, Tiffany was selected as a Defense Innovation Scholar and launched her own Project Wǎng Yuè, a series of papers looking at the malicious use of powerful AI models for cyberattacks and understanding cyber threat actors’ process in conducting cyber-operations and their leverage of emerging technologies in their attack vectors. As a student researcher at the Stanford Human-Centered AI, she studies the intersection of data privacy risks and foundation models. She also works on building and training an AI model on content policy for various harm areas with Trust and Safety experts at the Stanford Cyber Policy Center.

Tiffany is one of the founding members of the Stanford AI Policy Case Competition, an interdisciplinary experience joining students with diverse academic and professional backgrounds, ranging from public policy to engineering to law to tackle complex and pressing policy issues at the intersection of AI and geopolitics. She is also a Global Shaper and Vice Curator with the World Economic Forum, advocating for policies and applications of responsible AI.

Tiffany is fluent in Arabic, French and English.