Tomomi Aoyama


Dr. Tomomi Aoyama is a senior director of strategy and product at Omny, an ICS security startup based in Norway. With a background rooted in the academic world, she has dedicated her career to advancing the field of industrial cybersecurity. Her expertise spans a range of critical areas, including the application of Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) to cyber risk assessment, lifecycle security management, and the role of human factors in cyber incident response.

Tomomi’s impact in the field extends globally, as she continues to provide her expertise to both public and private entities. She currently serves as an expert advisor to the cross-sectoral exercise of Japan’s National Centre of Incident Readiness & Strategy for Cyber Security (NISC) and as an advisor and trainer at ICSCoE (Industrial Cyber Security Center of Excellence) in Japan. Her commitment to contributing knowledge sharing includes translating essential ICS security literature into Japanese, such as NIST SP 800-82 Rev.2  and a book by A. Bochman and S. Freeman, “Countering Cyber Sabotage”.