Dan Berkenstock

Entrepreneur, co-founder of Skybox Imaging

Dan Berkenstock was the founding CEO of Skybox Imaging, a venture-backed company which launched the world’s largest constellation of high resolution imaging spacecraft. At Skybox, Dan led the vision, implementation, and delivery of revolutionary information products & services derived from timely satellite imagery. In addition to collecting millions of sub meter resolution images from orbit, Skybox pioneered a number of information products that are gaining broader traction today in markets from finance to global development. Skybox was acquired in 2014 by Google, Inc, providing investors an annualized rate of return of over 60%, on more than $100M in investment.

Prior to Skybox, Dan held positions at NASA and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, where he worked in counterproliferation of nuclear and biological weapons. Dan was named Satellite Executive of the Year by Via Satellite magazine in 2014. He received a Masters Degrees in Aeronautics & Astronautics from Stanford University and a Bachelors of Science in Engineering in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Michigan.