Mariami Tkeshelashvili

Senior Associate for Artificial Intelligence Security Policy

Mariami Tkeshelashvili is a Senior Associate for Artificial Intelligence Security Policy at the Institute for Security and Technology (IST) where she leads AI Foundation Model Access Initiative and works on other projects within IST related to AI/Cyber and geopolitics of technology. Mariami is also a Fellow at Johns Hopkins University Emerging Technologies Initiative where she explores transformative technologies like AI, biotech and quantum, and their profound implications for global affairs. 

Mariam holds a master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies with a focus on Technology and Innovation. Before joining IST, she worked on transatlantic technology policy issues at the Center for European Policy Analysis. Mariami previously assisted organizations in building media literacy skills to combat online malign influence and managed USAID-funded projects at the National Democratic Institute on various topics including inclusive policy making, crisis management and electoral integrity.

Mariami holds a bachelor’s degree in social and political sciences, focusing on regional studies in Eurasia and the Middle East and has done extensive research in Germany and Czechia on NATO, great power competition and international security.