Trista Aultman

Executive Assistant

Trista Aultman is an accomplished Executive Assistant, currently serving as the right-hand to the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Strategy Officer at IST. With a strong background in the Department of Defense and a wealth of experience, Trista brings a unique perspective to her role. Her exceptional organizational skills, keen attention to detail, and ability to handle sensitive information make her an invaluable asset to IST. Trista plays a critical role in facilitating communication with IST stakeholders, managing both high-visibility projects and confidential matters with utmost professionalism and trustworthiness.

Originally from Allen, Oklahoma, Trista is also a military spouse and a devoted mother to her son. She has gained three years of invaluable experience in administrative roles across multiple departments within the DoD. Trista’s outstanding contributions to her previous roles were recognized when she was nominated for Employee of the Quarter. Throughout her life, Trista has had the opportunity to reside in various locations, including Florida, Washington, Germany, Kentucky, and Missouri, providing her with a diverse and well-rounded perspective.