IST announces new partners, funding to advance the Future of Digital Security for 2023

MAY 9, 2023 — As the Institute for Security and Technology continues its work in the Future of Digital Security pillar to innovate new solutions, break down silos, and find sustainable methods to advance digital security, we are excited to have the support of a number of philanthropic and industry champions. New donors joining the Ransomware Task Force, together with $1 million in additional support from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Cyber Initiative, and a total of $1 million from Craig Newmark Philanthropies for 2023 will transform our ability to advance the Future of Digital Security. 

“We are grateful to the Ransomware Task Force cohort, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, and Craig Newmark for their generous financial contributions. With the support of these corporate and philanthropic donors, we are able to continue designing and advancing solutions to some of the world’s toughest emerging security threats,” says IST Chief Executive Officer Philip Reiner. 

Board Chair Michael McNerney announced the new funding on Friday, May 5 at Gaining Ground, a celebration of two years of the Ransomware Task Force, where he thanked donors and supporters for their support. “As we say thank you to all of you for your dedication to this issue, we must also say that our collective work would not be possible without the support of our philanthropic partners,” he said. “Today, we are delighted to announce over $2.29 million in 2023 support for our Future of Digital Security program, including the Ransomware Task Force.” 

New Donors Join the Ransomware Task Force Cohort 

Recently, IST’s Ransomware Task Force welcomed Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Banco Santander to its existing cohort of supporters. In addition, existing donors renewed their support for the Ransomware Task Force for 2023. We are grateful to the following organizations for their renewed support: Bank of America; Microsoft; Palo Alto Networks; and [redacted]. 

“As the Ransomware Task Force continues its work to mitigate the threat of ransomware by presenting recommendations and leading a counter-ransomware campaign, we are thrilled to have the support of AWS and Banco Santander for the first time, as well as to continue to partner with Bank of America, Microsoft, Palo Alto Networks, and [redacted],” says Ransomware Task Force Executive Director and IST Chief Strategy Officer Megan Stifel. “These contributions are critical to ensuring the continued success of the Ransomware Task Force as we evolve and look for new opportunities to tackle the ransomware threat.”

William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Announces $1 Million in Additional Support 

IST is pleased to announce the support of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Cyber Initiative, which generously provided $1,000,000 in additional support to the Institute for Security and Technology’s cyber program for 2023. The renewed commitment from the Hewlett Foundation’s Cyber Initiative will enable IST to continue its work on advancing the future of digital security by coordinating efforts to improve Internet security, implementing sustainable cybersecurity, and addressing digital security market failures. 

“The Hewlett Foundation Cyber Initiative’s continued support for the Institute for Security and Technology is integral to our ability to continue executing our mission and carrying out our work. It enables us to continue innovating new ways to tackle the ransomware threat, develop recommendations for securing the open-source software ecosystem, and build out our work in the field of applied trust and safety,” says Megan Stifel. 

Craig Newmark Philanthropies Contributes a Total of $1 Million through 2023

IST is a proud member of the Craig Newmark Philanthropies Cyber Civil Defense Initiative, a whole-of-society effort to bolster our collective cybersecurity, from businesses and individuals to schools and journalists. Craig Newmark recently pledged a total of $100 million to the Cyber Civil Defense Initiative, launched in 2022. We are honored to be the recipient of a Cyber Civil Defense Initiative grant totaling $1 million in accelerated support for 2023 to advance our Future of Digital Security pillar efforts, including the Ransomware Task Force. The $1 million grant, announced by Craig Newmark during a panel at our event Gaining Ground: Two Years of Implementation and Impact on May 5, 2023, was a surprise increase of half a million dollars from the previously-pledged $500,000. “I think we can do better than a half million,” Newmark said at the event. 

“Craig Newmark’s Cyber Civil Defense Initiative is a crucial effort to keep us safe from cyber threats. Just as the Cyber Civil Defense Initiative emphasizes the power of working together to tackle cyber threats, at IST, we believe that convening and collaborating across sectors, industries, and governments is of the utmost importance. This funding from Craig Newmark Philanthropies will be a critical component of continuing our work to secure the Future of Digital Security in a sustainable, collaborative, and comprehensive manner,” says Megan Stifel. 

Thank you to our supporters!