IST joins the World Economic Forum’s AI Governance Alliance

December 14, 2023 – The Institute for Security and Technology (IST) is excited to announce our new membership in the World Economic Forum’s AI Governance Alliance, formed to champion responsible global design and release of transparent and inclusive AI systems. This partnership complements IST’s long-standing work on the safety and security implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities, which began in 2015 with a series of multistakeholder efforts on integration of AI into nuclear command and control, and have most recently included this week’s report on the opportunities and risks of foundation model open access.

IST Chief Trust Officer Steve Kelly last month attended the Forum’s AI Governance Summit in San Francisco, joined by some 200+ Alliance community members, AI experts, and leaders across the field in discussing issues of safety, access, and ethics in AI systems. As a member of the Alliance’s safe systems and technologies working group, Steve contributed to discussions on model release safety and needed guardrails. 

“The Forum assembled an amazing group bridging geographies, industries, sectors, and roles,” Steve said. “I was heartened by the quality of discourse, excited by the many innovative uses of AI that are forthcoming, and encouraged by the sense of shared commitment to managing the technology’s risk.” 

“We are excited to welcome IST to the World Economic Forum’s AI Governance Alliance, dedicated to fostering responsible and inclusive development of AI systems,” said Cathy Li, Head of AI, Data and Metaverse at the World Economic Forum and member of the Alliance Executive Committee. “The alliance is committed to providing guidance, tools, and resources to facilitate the responsible and inclusive development and deployment of generative AI technologies worldwide.”