Key Advisors and Founding Allies

Srikrishna Devabhaktuni

Founder of Patient Knowhow ( and former Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Tropos Networks (acquired by ABB Group). Sri was a Co-Founder of Technology for Global Security.

Walter Loewenstern

Venture Capitalist, Co-Founder of the ROLM Corporation, and Independent Capital Markets Professional.

Suzanne Saunders Shaw

A veteran news broadcaster who held lead anchor positions in San Francisco at the NBC and ABC television stations. Her reporting earned a DuPont and four Emmy awards for breaking news and documentaries. Suzanne was a Co-Founder of Technology for Global Security.

Sam Araki

Draper Prize Winner, NRO Pioneer, key player with CORONA, ARPANET and DIALOG, former Vice President and Program Manager of MILSTAR, First President of Lockheed Martin Missiles and Space Company.

Chris Finan

Chief Operating Officer at, former founder and CEO of Manifold Technology, Director of Cybersecurity Legislation and Policy at the NSC, and Product Director DARPA cyber warfare research program.

Chris Boskin

Respected veteran of magazine publishing. Notable publishing and marketing positions with Worth Media, The New Yorker Magazine, Hearst Corporation, East West Network, and Knapp Communications. Chris was a Co-Founder of Technology for Global Security.

Peter Carpenter

President's Council at United Religions Initiative, strategist, synthesizer, businessman and non-profit leader. Peter was a Co-Founder of Technology for Global Security.

Ambassador James Goodby

Author and former American diplomat, Non-resident Senior Fellow with the Center for Northeast Asia Policy Studies at the Brookings Institution, Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.

Dan Berkenstock

Entrepreneur, co-founder of Skybox Imaging

Deborah Gordon

Independent Consultant and Advisor to Rhombus Power, Inc.

Heather J. Richman

Entrepreneur, Investor, Founder