Introducing the Multiverse

Welcome to our new forum for forward leaning discussion of the world’s leading technological and national security challenges. At The Institute, we want to transform the way challenges at the nexus of security and technology are thought about. The Multiverse blog is where our readers can immerse themselves in the latest trends, dive into related debates, and learn more about our project developments. We want you to think about what’s next but most importantly, what did I not see coming – and how does it all fit into the bigger picture? 

Our work relies on expertise from distinct domains to build novel security solutions. These disparate focus areas too often are stovepiped, segregated, and highly specialized. Yet, as we engage with all these various experts, while they remain deservedly distinct, they are also inherently linked, interdependent, and therefore come together as part of one whole. The idea of potentially diverse, observable universes – the number of which may remain under debate for the rest of time – that all function together as part of a larger machine is absolutely an inspiration and ideal for us to strive towards. On a smaller scale, for example, national security and technology are separate ecosystems with their own distinct communities. In fact, however, these two communities converge in many ways, but come together to form a much larger and more powerful ecosystem. This is where we can anticipate and outpace the most urgent emerging global security threats by thinking through whole-of-society challenges, designing solutions, and developing roadmaps for implementation at the natural nexus where technologists and national security practitioners come together. This is The Multiverse we hope to help inspire.

At the Institute, we are driven by our values and reflect these in our writing. We push for transparency and honesty. When we cover something, we work to cover all possibilities and deliver it straight. With accountability, we ensure that we are as candid as possible with our readers. We believe that we must accurately observe and analyze the latest trends in national security and technology to deliver reliable commentary. We make sure that diverse voices are included, we are nonpartisan, and we recognize the need to support all voices coming from both the technology and government sectors. That is our role: to facilitate fair dialogue.

The writers that appear on The Multiverse will be a mix of IST team members, community members, and guests from our network from across industry and government. The Multiverse will feature analysis of the latest trends, project development, and we hope that it will be a place where you come to provide us with your feedback and thoughts. If you are interested in contributing to our blog, would like to pitch us an idea, or think we should cover something in the future, email us at [email protected].