IST Builds Technical Expertise with Addition of Silas Cutler

SEPTEMBER 7, 2022 — The Institute for Security and Technology (IST) is excited to announce a new addition to its expanding team. Silas Cutler, an experienced cybersecurity researcher and malware analyst, joins IST as the Senior Director for Cyber Threat Research and Analysis. 

Silas’s experience researching organized cybercrime groups and state-sponsored cyber attacks will be a tremendous asset to IST as it continues to drive implementation of the Ransomware Task Force recommendations, in addition to helping advance a number of other IST projects. Silas, a trusted and well-known member of the cybersecurity community, brings a diverse set of perspectives to the IST team. 

“We are ecstatic to welcome Silas. He is coming on at a critical time in our organizational development and his industry background brings exciting new technical expertise to our portfolio. We look forward to continuing IST’s success with Silas’s contributions,” said Chief Strategy Officer Megan Stifel. 

This new addition will further enhance IST’s ability to design tools and creative solutions to outpace emerging global security threats. “It’s a really exciting time to join the IST team. For the past 10 years, I’ve tracked cyber threats from China to South America. I look forward to contributing my technical experience to the work the team is doing in helping drive solutions,” said Silas Cutler.