IST Joins Cyber Civil Defense Initiative

MAY 2, 2022 — As the world continues to rely upon digital systems, the security of individuals, communities, and entire societies are increasingly threatened by the unique vulnerabilities of those systems. Recognizing these growing risks, the Institute for Security and Technology (IST) built itself to identify, diagnose, and design solutions for those technical and systemic vulnerabilities—and has found a sense of urgency in bringing actionable recommendations to those with the power to make improvements.

Toward this, IST is grateful and excited to announce its participation in the Cyber Civil Defense Initiative, a multi-organization effort spearheaded by Craig Newmark to promote effective cybersecurity practices across the whole of society.

This partnership comes with a multi-year commitment for $2 million in new funds from Craig Newmark Philanthropies to support our work in the areas of counter-ransomware, the Ransomware Task Force, and information security policy.

“The focus is on developing and implementing tools and services for regular people,” said Mr.  Newmark. “When individuals have their security threatened, we’re all at risk. Pulling together will help secure businesses, organizations, and the country as a whole.”

We are excited to continue our growth and to build upon our unique approach to emerging threats. Working with similarly unique funders is both a privilege and a core reason for our early successes. 
For more on the Cyber Civil Defense Initiative, see a recent TheRecord interview with Craig Newmark. Follow IST on social media and subscribe for email updates as we continue to grow and to design new ways to face emerging threats.