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Scaling What’s Successful: Discussions on Countering Ransomware at the Paris Peace Forum

On November 11, the 5th Paris Peace Forum gathered leaders from the public and private sectors to discuss how we can work together in a world where we’re all “riding out the multi-crisis.” Split into five stages, four roundtable rooms, and multiple dedicated “spaces for solution” in a historic Parisian palace, the gathering was dazzling, and at least for me, a bit dizzying – the first really global multistakeholder gathering I’ve attended in the pandemic era.

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Nuclear Risk Reduction: In Search of A Common Denominator

As global nuclear dangers rise, risk reduction efforts through effective crisis communications are more important than ever. Yet differences in constituencies, priorities, and strategic cultures of nuclear weapons states generate disagreement as to which measures genuinely reduce risk.

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#RansomwareTaskForce at the White House International Counter Ransomware Initiative Summit

Last week I was honored to represent the Ransomware Task Force at the second International Counter Ransomware Initiative (CRI) Summit at the White House. While at the CRI, I highlighted the priority recommendations of the RTF, progress achieved since publication of the inaugural report, the Blueprint for Ransomware Defense, and the recently-released Cyber Incident Reporting Framework.

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RT @craignewmark: Cryptocurrency exchanges, unlike the financial services sector, remain largely unregulated. What are the risks involved??
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The #ParisCall Compendium released following the Forum highlights global and regional efforts to combat ransomware,...twitter.com/i/web/status/1?49