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The Institute for Security and Technology builds solutions to enhance the security of the global commons. Our goal is to provide tools and insights for companies and governments to outpace emerging global security threats. Our non-traditional approach is biased towards action, as we build trust across domains, provide unprecedented access, and deliver and implement solutions. IST consists of three pillars for problem-solving: the Policy Lab, the Tech Works, and the Network for Global Security.

A Broad Coalition and a Comprehensive Plan

Can deep learning prevent nuclear war?

Can experts anticipate digital threats to democracy?

How can an informal coalition help eliminate DDoS threats?

What tools exist to solidify trust between tech and government?

How can experts outside government develop technical tools to decrease nuclear risk?

How can you support the Institute for Security and Technology?


The Multiverse

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Media Advisory

Ransomware Task Force of 60+ Members From Industry, Government, Law Enforcement, Civil Society, and International Organizations Publishes Comprehensive Framework to Combat Ransomware

A coalition of public and private organizations — led by Microsoft, Palo Alto Networks, Rapid7, Resilience, CTA, GCA, GFCE, and IST — makes public recommendations for global national security policy makers and industry leaders to tackle ransomware.

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Media Advisory

Ransomware Task Force to Unveil Comprehensive Framework to Combat Ransomware

60+ Industry, Government, Law Enforcement, Civil Society, and International Organizations will provide clear recommendations on ransomware mitigation.

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The Multiverse

Lessons from the Ashes: Interview and Analysis of the FonixCrypter Closure

FonixCrypter is a ransomware service that first became available in July 2020. @fnx67482837’s involvement in FonixCrypter was verified with offers to provide a master key, sample decryptor, and assist in decryption for any remaining victims. The account reveals a potential motivation in subsequent tweets.

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