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The Institute for Security and Technology builds solutions to enhance the security of the global commons. Our goal is to provide tools and insights for companies and governments to outpace emerging global security threats. Our non-traditional approach is biased towards action, as we build trust across domains, provide unprecedented access, and deliver and implement solutions. IST consists of three pillars for problem-solving: the Policy Lab, the Tech Works, and the Network for Global Security.

A Broad Coalition and a Comprehensive Plan

Can deep learning prevent nuclear war?

Can experts anticipate digital threats to democracy?

How can an informal coalition help eliminate DDoS threats?

What tools exist to solidify trust between tech and government?

How can experts outside government develop technical tools to decrease nuclear risk?

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Statement Reflecting on the Attack on the Capitol

That the outcome of the election was fulfilled was the result of physical and ideological resolve crucial to the will of democracy. IST shares this resolve.

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IST’s 2021 in Review

2021 has been a long year of unprecedented security dilemmas: from the proliferation of ransomware attacks to the contested information environment, to new issues like cognitive security. Through it all, IST has been there, working with you to help flip the script. Thank you.

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Reading List

Reading List: The Roles for Military and Law Enforcement in Combating Ransomware

As the ransomware threat spreads worldwide, there remains debate around how to best leverage all the government’s tools. The military has more capacity and resources, especially to launch offensive operations, while law enforcement has more tools for prosecution and international coordination. Leveraging the two is critical to successfully counter the spread of ransomware.

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