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Our goal is to provide tools and insights for companies and governments to outpace emerging global security threats. Our non-traditional approach is biased towards action, as we build trust across domains, provide unprecedented access, and deliver and implement solutions.

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Digitally Influenced Cognition: What is it, and what does it mean for democracy?

While disinformation, affective polarization, and anti-democratic behavior have always existed, the growing scale of these problems, aided in part by the evolving Internet landscape, poses novel threats to democracy.

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The Role of Crisis Communications in the Russo-Ukrainian War

The Russo-Ukrainian War has not been tempered nor solved by the existence of crisis communications between nuclear weapon states. However, the existence of the senior and tactical level deconfliction lines may continue to play a role in limiting escalatory action between these adversaries.

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IST Joins Cyber Civil Defense Initiative

IST is grateful and excited to announce its participation in the Cyber Civil Defense Initiative, a multi-organization effort spearheaded by Craig Newmark to promote effective cybersecurity practices across the whole of society.

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For more information on @IST_org's ongoing #ransomware work, be sure to visit our website! securityandtechnology.org/ransomwaretask?
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Further, last month, ?The Rise in Ransomware and Growing Government Concern?, a report by the UK Government bankitwitter.com/i/web/status/1?Y7ObkU
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