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The Institute for Security and Technology

As new technologies present humanity with unprecedented capabilities, they can also pose unimagined risks to global security. The Institute for Security and Technology’s (IST) mission is to bridge gaps between technology and policy leaders to help solve these emerging security problems together. 

Report Release: How Does Access Impact Risk?

On December 13, IST released a novel matrix to assess AI foundation model risk along a gradient of access.

How can industry and government work together to combat ransomware?

How can we secure the open-source software ecosystem?

How should American emerging technology industries adapt to developing U.S. national security and economic needs, in the context of U.S.-China techno-industrial competition?

How can experts outside government develop technical tools to decrease nuclear risk?

How can you support the Institute for Security and Technology?


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AI Foundation Model Access Initative

Announcing New Philanthropic Support for IST’s AI Foundation Model Access Initiative

As the Institute for Security and Technology (IST) continues to study the risks and opportunities associated with degrees of access to AI technologies through our AI Foundation Model Access Initiative, we are thrilled to receive support from the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation to advance this important effort. 

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Hack the Plant

Hack the Plant Episode 31: CISA’s Critical Infrastructure Protection Mission with Jen Easterly

In this episode of Hack the Plant, Bryson sits down with CISA Director Jen Easterly to discuss her work on leading CISA’s critical infrastructure mission, implementing efforts to make products Secure by Design, and working with private companies to combat ransomware.

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Artificial Intelligence

IST launches Generative Identity Initiative with support of Omidyar Network

With the generous support of Omidyar Network, the Institute for Security and Technology (IST) is thrilled to announce the launch of the Generative Identity Initiative, a new effort to address the complex questions around generative AI’s impact on social identities, norms, and belonging. 

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The South Korea-Japan-United States Trilateral Hotline: A Reminder of the Importance of Crisis Communications

In October 2023, a government official from South Korea announced the successful activation of a new trilateral hotline directly connecting top national security advisors from South Korea, Japan, and the United States. The hotline–which took only three months from its announcement at a Camp David summit to its activation–came about surprisingly quickly, via international dialogue, and with a clear commitment to communication from all parties.

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