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A Broad Coalition and a Comprehensive Plan

Can deep learning prevent nuclear war?

Can experts anticipate digital threats to democracy?

How can an informal coalition help eliminate DDoS threats?

What tools exist to solidify trust between tech and government?

How can experts outside government develop technical tools to decrease nuclear risk?

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The Role of Crisis Communications in the Russo-Ukrainian War

The Russo-Ukrainian War has not been tempered nor solved by the existence of crisis communications between nuclear weapon states. However, the existence of the senior and tactical level deconfliction lines may continue to play a role in limiting escalatory action between these adversaries.

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IST Joins Cyber Civil Defense Initiative

IST is grateful and excited to announce its participation in the Cyber Civil Defense Initiative, a multi-organization effort spearheaded by Craig Newmark to promote effective cybersecurity practices across the whole of society.

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Clash for the Future of the Internet: The Metaverse vs. Web3

As the Internet itself continues to progress, two proposals for the future of the Internet have arisen—the metaverse and Web3—that portends a fight between large technology companies and venture capital firms.

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