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Addressing the “Valley of Death”

Defense Technology Innovation & The Pentagon Acquisition Landscape

November 9, 2021 | 8:30am PT

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The United States is in the midst of a technological arms race. As China pursues a strategy of ‘military-civil fusion’ and Russia advances its asymmetric capabilities, the U.S. needs a new defense innovation strategy to keep from falling behind its great power competitors.

One of the key challenges facing the Department of Defense is the “valley of death,” explained by Michèle Flournoy as the gap between a successful prototype and the Pentagon’s ability to support it, fund it, and expand its production at scale within a reasonable timeframe.

How can Congress, using its power of appropriations, work to bridge this gap? What has already been done to increase cooperation between the tech sector and the DoD? What are some of the challenges facing attempts to integrate emerging technologies into the military? What is Congress’ role in encouraging U.S. defense innovation in the age of great power competition?

Join IST and the The Alliance for Commercial Technology in Government for a key discussion on the “valley of death,” defense technology innovation & the pentagon acquisition landscape.

11:30am ET
Introduction by DIU Director Mike Brown in conversation with IST CEO Philip Reiner

12:00pm ET
Panel discussion moderated by Raj Shah, Hoover Visiting Fellow, with:

David Vorland, Executive Director for The Alliance for Commercial Technology in Government

Charlotte Savercool, Senior Director of Government Affairs at the National Venture Capital Association

Meagan Metzger, Founder and CEO, Dcode

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