IST Announces Addition of Research Staff

The Institute for Security and Technology is delighted to announce two new additions to our growing team. These team members will further IST’s mission to design solutions that enhance the security of the global commons. 

Joining our core team, we are excited to announce that Sylvia Mishra will join us as our new Senior Nuclear Policy Associate. Sylvia was a Janne Nolan Nuclear Security Fellow, CSIS Nuclear Scholar and a Mid-Career Fellow, India-US Fellow at New America, Accelerator Initiative Fellow at the Stanley Center for Peace and Security, a Scoville Fellow at the Nuclear Threat Initiative, and a Visiting Fellow at the Center for Nonproliferation Studies. Her experience in nuclear strategy and nonproliferation, Southern Asian security, emerging and disruptive technologies, and military innovation, will contribute to IST’s research portfolio. 

Emily Gillcrist joins IST’s core team as a Deputy Director of Democracy and the Geopolitics of Tech, contributing her unique experience to our Digital Cognition and Democracy Initiative. Emily co-founded the New York Phenomenology Research Group at The New School for Social Research and founded the virtual education organization,, that makes critical humanities insight accessible outside of academia.

Our work, including the research of these new staff members, is made possible by the generous philanthropic support of our donors—we thank our supporters for their continued commitment.  

“We are delighted to welcome Sylvia and Emily to our growing team. Their research experience strengthens our innovative research portfolios. We look forward to expanding our work in Nuclear Risk Reduction and Democracy and the Geopolitics of Tech programs” said Philip Reiner, Chief Executive Officer.  

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