Trista Aultman

Executive Assistant

Aaron Brunmeier

Director of Operations

Gigi Flores Bustamante headshot
Gigi Flores Bustamante

Future of Digital Security Analyst

Eric Davis

Senior Vice President for Special Projects

Taylor Grossman

Deputy Director for Digital Security

Emma Hollingsworth

Director of Development and Partnerships

Lillian Ilsley-Greene

Communications Associate

Louie Kangeter

Artificial Intelligence Policy Associate

Sophia Mauro

Director of Strategic Communications

Nicole Mays

Director of Human Resources

Sylvia Mishra
Sylvia Mishra

Deputy Director of Nuclear Policy

Ben Purser

Vice President for Geostrategic Risk

Trevaughn Smith

Future of Digital Security Associate

Christian Steins

Technology Policy Analyst

Gabrielle Tran

Policy Analyst for Technology and Society

Elizabeth Vish

Senior Director for International Cyber Engagement