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Institute for Security and Technology Launches Future Digital Security Leaders Fellowship

August 12, 2020 — The Institute for Security and Technology (IST) is now accepting applications for its inaugural Future Digital Security Leaders Fellowship cohort. The Bay Area nonprofit research organization will provide on-the-job training opportunities for young, aspiring security professionals in an effort to bring diverse experiences to national security research, policy, and innovation.

With support from Craig Newmark Philanthropies, the fellowship offers an opportunity to fill the experience gap facing many aspiring young professionals in technology and national security research and policy analysis. The program invests in a diverse pool of early-career practitioners, helping them become uniquely qualified experts.

“As recent college graduates and graduate students contemplate their career paths in the face of economic crisis, a global pandemic, socio-economic gaps, persistent institutional racism and inequity in technology and security policy fields, it has become increasingly clear to us that we have a role to play to fill this gap,” said Institute for Security and Technology CEO Philip Reiner. “Diversity at the intersection of technology and national security will lead to better policy, innovations, and technology affecting all members of society.”

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The Institute for Security and Technology designs and advances solutions to the world’s toughest emerging security threats. It is a nonpartisan, nonprofit network based in the San Francisco Bay Area dedicated to solving critical international security challenges through better technology and policy. For more information, visit