Statement on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

We are witnessing a revanchist regime attack a peaceful, democratic nation on maliciously fabricated pretexts. Russia’s assault against the people and territory of Ukraine is based purely on propaganda and is itself a threat to global peace and stability. 

Such brazen aggression against a sovereign nation and its people is illegal, norm-shattering, and the consequences will reverberate far and wide. What’s more, the potential for both the loss of life and a way of life should shock the world’s conscience. History will not look kindly upon this moment. 

The international community must respond quickly and robustly to deter further aggression—but even a unified response will not return us to the global order of yesterday. Our actions must show with whom we stand and serve to dissuade additional efforts to undermine international stability. 

We at the Institute for Security and Technology will continue to do all that we can to support international peace and security.