Our Team

We design and advance solutions to the world’s toughest emerging security threats

Core Team

Philip Reiner

Chief Executive Officer

Megan Stifle headshot
Megan Stifel

Chief Strategy Officer

Andrew Facini

Director of Communications

Alexa Wehsener

Deputy Director for Defense Strategy and Partnerships

Emma Hollingsworth

Deputy Director for Strategy and Partnerships

Leah Walker

Senior Defense Associate

Andrew Jensen

Cybersecurity Analyst

Zoë Brammer
Zoë Brammer

Cyber and Information Operations Analyst

Nicole Mays

Executive Assistant

Visiting Researchers & Interns

Sean P Rogers
Sean P. Rogers

Visiting Researcher, Cyber

Byron Stokes

Defense Technology Intern

Sage Miller
Sage Miller

Information and Democracy Intern

Adjunct Advisors

Stephanie Rodriguez

DCDI Research Advisor

Rear Admiral John Gower

Senior Policy Advisor, CATALINK, Former Assistant Chief of Defense Staff Nuclear (Chemical, Biological), UK MoD

Doowan Lee

Senior Technical Advisor

Marc Rogers

Senior Technical Advisor

Sahil Shah

Policy Advisor, CATALINK

Peter Henderson

Technical Advisor, ML and U.S. NC3

Elsa B. Kania

Policy Advisor

Suhas Subrahmanyam

Technology Policy Advisor